Monday, February 26, 2007


We spent 24 hours in Aspen this weekend. Lots of snow and wedding fun. I learned a new term at the wedding, cougar. It seems these are older women prowling for younger men at parties. I met one who took my drink and, after a pleasantry or two, asked if I was married. It's probably best she took the drink, I really didn't need a tequila anyway.

While I was perusing a few volumes at the bookstore I saw many references to the mystique of Aspen. There may be one, but on this and my previous visits I didn't see it. This isn't to say I don't like it, I quite like it, but what I have seen isn't that different from other ski towns. Certain places, and I think Aspen is one, are defined more by private spaces than public spaces. If you live there or visit with a native, you will truly experience it. Anyone can visit New York, London, Paris or other major cities and experience it via the museums, clubs, cafes and public markets and squares.

This is where a book like Ted Conover's Whiteout, Lost in Aspen comes in. Since you are unlikely to befriend a native or live in Aspen, books like that can give you an insight into what is so special about the place.

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