Sunday, February 11, 2007


I hope you made it to the New Season's chocolate tasting, assuming you live in Portland. It was mostly Dagoba, Green & Black's and Endangered Species brands. I liked the spicyness of the Green & Black Maya Gold. The kids really quite liked the Green & Black Mint. My favorite was from Endangered Species Chocolate. The milk (!) chocolate with peanut butter brittle. Cybele notes that it tastes more like toffee than brittle, which was my thought as well. Seek that one out.

Here is an amusing article about a book that helps you talk about books you haven't read. Hmm, that's easy, read two or three good reviews and you can easily sound like you read it. Still the article is funny, especially when the author pines for a book about how to not talk about books you wish you hadn't read.

The Sterns of Roadfood fame promote two Portland places on their site. First is Ristretto Roasters, a coffee shop just down the street from here. Beans are roasted on site, and the baked goods come out of the owner's home kitchen. This place rocks. Nick's Famous Coney Island is also newly reviewed. While talking Roadfood, they also have bits on Voodoo Donut and Annie's Donut.

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