Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I hope you are checking out the Finetune playlist located in the right nav. I've loaded about 95 songs into it. If you dislike whatever song comes up, you can there is a next song button hidden in the right side.

One of the nicer treats in there is the Cold War Kids Hang Me out to Dry.

NBK says I am busted for liking Radiohead's There, There despite my complaints about Radiohead. No lie, that song rules.


Brack said...

Hang Me Out to Dry was a free download on iTunes a few weeks ago - thumbs up.

Also sounds better 'cause its free.

Brack said...

BTW, your addition of tunes was pure genius.

/golf clap

Steve said...

Excellent choice with Dr. Bernice. Their best song (in my opinion) and a great example of what made Cracker/Camper such an underrated act. Very cool feature.

Tripp said...

Everything is better when free.

Dr. Bernice is buried at the back of the disc and lots of folks probably missed it. Which is sad.