Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here is an amusing Newsweek piece on a new trend, expensive aged beer. This is surprising as beer is generally the relaxed inexpensive alcohol or as the author puts it"It is acceptable in certain circles to chug it, “shotgun” it or siphon it into oneself through a long funnel; the same cannot be said, sadly, for wine or piƱa coladas." So yes the article is a bit tongue in cheek. (thanks NBK!)

Some site, SF Signal maybe, re-linked to sf author David Brin's takedown of Star Wars as an elitist throwback, esp when compared to Star Trek. Its a worth a read. Also fun is this spoof Tie-Tanic.

Back in the day one of our favorite creepy sex songs was Soft Cell's Sex Dwarf. It remains creepy and this video adds to the creepiness. Fellow fan of deviant sex Trent Reznor covers the song here. (more thanks for NBK)

If you've not seen it yet, Steve Martin's 72 virgins is a hoot (thanks Sven.)

As a thank you to NBK, I give you Slayer in the NYT.

Finally, The Sterns of Roadfood send more love Portland way. Bakeries Saint Cupcake and Crema get reviews. We visited Saint Cupcake yesterday in hopes of finding the pistachio cupcake. No dice. I should've checked the schedule. I made due with the Red Velvet, which is a reliably delicious confection. As the NYT and myself are often in synch, they have an in-depth piece on the southern delicacy Red Velvet Cake.

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