Sunday, July 19, 2009


As one should with most movies, I went into Timecrimes with almost no knowledge. Thanks to the title, I assumed it would similar to the confusing, time travel crime story Primer. Those looking for a plotline that requires note taking as found in Primer will be disappointed, but if you want a simple, bleak, but still entertaining story will enjoy this one. I'm no expert, but I thought it obeyed the various "rules" of time travel well. In fact, at about the half way point, I worried the story was going to go down a boring path. It turned out not to be the case and I thought the ending payoff was strong, if dark.

Rather than say more, I entreat you to take a look the short film, 7:35 in the morning that got director Nacho Vigalondo the funding to make Timecrimes.

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