Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A question to which I don't really need the answer

After a delightful lunch at Russell Street BBQ, my eldest and I walked past a thrift store. I saw a stack of the Left Behind series up for quick sale. I recall these being the top of the news for quite awhile, but talk is mostly done. I wonder what the Millenarians read now?


kwandongbrian said...

Have you been following slacktivist's criticism of the series? He has been posting his review of about five pages each Friday and, after two years or more, is on the second book.

Here is one example:

Tripp said...

Thanks, I think I saw this some years ago and wondered if it was still going on. This is some commitment the guy has.

On the link you send I love the analysis of the messages that the authors are sending their readers.