Monday, July 06, 2009

McNamara RIP

Until the coming of Rumsfeld, we had yet to have as complex a Secretary of Defense as Robert Strange McNamara. There are a lot of takes on him out there like a nod to his World Bank work at Marginal Revolution, this negative one from Mickey Kaus via Matthew Yglesias, a short take from Robert Farley that leads to others, and a thoughtful note from Kevin Drum.

Update: As I suspected, Stephen Walt's take is direct and brutal.

I will sidestep giving an opinion and instead beg that you watch the Fog of War. Don't watch it to judge whether McNamara should be forgiven or not. Watch it to see one of the best ruminations on war on film. We can only hope that Rumsfeld does something like this eventually. The full movie is embedded below:

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