Friday, July 03, 2009

Newsweek loves books

I like the new Newsweek. The longer articles are better and the new visual style is fresh and appealing. I am most happy though that the new issue is titled What To Read Now. The title refers to a book list that is more interesting than the typical top books list. Starting any list with an Anthony Trollope is going to make me happy, but I was particularly happy to see Cotton Comes to Harlem by Chester Himes. He remains an underappreciated crime novelist and I hope to see his books re-released.

There are also author interviews, the "best books ever" by a few experts, and other articles including this one on re-reading books. Jonathan Lethem's photo tour of literary New York is worth a peek too.


Rose City Reader said...

I can't resist a list! Especially one that includes Jonathan Letham -- a favorite of mine who is high on my summer reading list.

Thanks for the tip! I'm heading over there now.

Tripp said...

It is a fun list, I was taking mental notes myself as I read it. Your list looks quite good as well.

Rose City Reader said...

Thanks! Every spring I swear I will avoid "summer reading lists." But come July, I get the itch to make one. And then spend the rest of the summer deviating from it. :)