Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Getting into Phish

Not me silly, Carrie Brownstein. She of Monitor Mix asked what bands people liked that their friends could not understand. Phish came up huge. She realized that people had opinions about the band without ever listening to them. She has challenged herself to become a Phish fan and you can watch this video as she drives down to the record store to swap CDs for a bunch of new Phish ones. It's quite funny.

I actually attended a Phish show in 1993 (it may have been 1994, I don't remember). It was a Phish heading lining HORDE tour. I was a little, uh, under the influence, so I honestly don't recall much. Even whether they played Reba, a song I honestly like. Here they are playing it at fan favorite Hampton Coliseum.

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