Tuesday, July 07, 2009


The parody of the NYT bestseller list is quite funny. Sometimes it satirizes specific books, other times whole genres as in Cracked Like Teeth by Dexter Egan: A memoir of petty crime, drunken brawls and recovery by a writer who was addicted to paint thinner by age nine.

Do you miss the days of the Creature Feature with the local host with the spooky name and bad make up? I certainly have fond memories. In my case, we had Dr. Madblood, who is still doing his thing, and then some other guy who wore green make up and did a lot of extreme close ups. i09 has some clips from one of these old shows that makes me think I wouldn't like it as much these days.

Awhile back I saw a video that replaced the lyrics to an A-ha! video with a literal description of what was going on. That one was funny, but the one for Total Eclipse of the Heart is funnier.

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