Sunday, July 08, 2007

A little something sweet

I've heard tell of the Elvis Reese's peanut butter cup, but today was the first time I had seen it. So I bought two. The kids needed some of course. Most of the Reese's experiments, including the cookie and the caramel versions, have been lost on me, but this time Reese's pulled it off. You may recall that Elvis enjoyed his peanut butter sandwiches stuffed with bananas and then fried in butter. The Elvis component is a thin layer of banana creme underneath the peanut butter. This one could have gone straight to horribly sweet, but it manages to balance the flavors well enough. Now, keep in mind, I think that Laffy Taffy Banana is a tasty treat, so you may want to approach this candy cautiously. I do wish Reese's had gone balls out and added a little bacon, as Elvis did when he was filling particularly Dionysian.

If candy isn't your bag, check the Last Town Chorus cover of Modern Love on this page.


joanna said...

Okay, did you read my review of the Elvis Cups on Sugar Savvy, or is your plea for the addition of bacon purely coincidental?
I brought one to Steve Almond when I went to his reading last week. He was psyched and thought I was totally awesome. We're're bff's, now.

Tripp said...

Completely coincidental. Crazy eh? I guess we feel the same way about going all out.

I am not surprised that you and Almond had a moment. You two are soul mates.

joanna said...

I made a candied bacon pecan brittle last weekend - as a topping for homemade butterscotch ice cream.

Almond said that if I bring a bunch of friends to his next Portland reading (September 14th), he promises to read filth.

Tripp said...

Wow, how did that turn out? How do you candy bacon? Was it the ultimate sweet-salty combo? I'm feeling a little inadequate with my next pie I am trying (Indiana sugar pie)

Where is the next reading?