Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Why not just snuff it man

Slate has an extensive article on different types of beef and beef sources. They end up finding that the cows fed non-disgusting diets make the tastiest steaks. After reading Fast Food Nation, I am generally leery of the nation's beef supply, so it is nice to hear that the most enviro-friendly steaks are the most yummy. The article also validates my belief that Kobe or Waygu beef isn't that big a deal, aside from the cost. The two times I tried it, I couldn't tell that much difference.

As a thank you to NBK for the link, I give you the Ewok Yub Yub Song as sung by a barbershop quartet.


Anonymous said...

The nailed the sing-song "glo-o-o-wah." And for that, I commend them.

Neill said...

It is I who should be thanking you, T.

Tripp said...

You are welcome.