Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nerd news flash

I'm not sure if this is the worst or best entertainment news of young year 2007. It seems those TV show geniuses at HBO are going to do...A Song of Fire and Ice. Each book will take a season. Giant fantasy stories are not all that easy to pull off. For the single success (LOTR) we have Beastmaster, Dungeons and Dragons and other insipid horrors. Still this could actually work. The HBO folks do dark and nasty pretty well, and those books are nothing if not dark and nasty. And the source material is of course brilliant. Will the second best fantasy story of all time get the same treatment as Lord of the Rings? We can only hope.

According the GRRM website, they are only at the discussion level, but this could be very good news for the many fans out there.

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