Saturday, January 20, 2007

Saturday bits

(via candy blog) Have a look at the results of Gourmet's milk chocolate taste test. Ghiradelli came in dead last. I'm not surprised, that chocolate is dime story candy masquerading as a boutique delight. I have a soft spot for their ice cream shop at Ghiradelli square but I pass on the candy bars.

If you like comics at all, read this, if only to see which superhero asked Dr. Doom "Where's my money, honey?"

This orange cake looks incredibly tasty and will be next attempt after the Bittersweet chocolate turtle pie in Pie.

Yet another the reason the war is going badly, the CIA can't operate in Baghdad.

The new Dan Simmons, for which I have been desperately waiting, gets a positive review in the Post. Curious as to what the book is about? Try the reviewer's description "a sort of Patrick O'Brian meets Edgar Allan Poe against the backdrop of a J.M.W. Turner icescape."

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