Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Always look on the bright side of life

Well my mood has improved. For most of the day it could be described thusly. I just read this rather heartening piece on the long term decline in violence. And while my mood isn't quite this, it is better.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks there is a decline in violence needs to come visit me here in Baghdad.

And in my opinion, the recent media love affair with video and pictures of Saddam's hanging is no better than the fairs and public spectacles that used to surround an execution.

- nic

Tripp said...

Come on analyst, don't conflate data points with trendlines.

Anonymous said...

My two thoughts were unrelated. I see no overall decline in "violence." I will admit to a large trend away from brutality, however.

- A tired, bitter, temporary Iran/Iraq analyst

Tripp said...

Ok tired bitter analyst. I say have a look at the streets of wealthy countries. Not much violence. Streets of poor countries. Violence. In China I saw more beatdowns in one year than I have seen in my entire life in the States.

As the world gets richer we resort to less violence.

Obvs, being in Baghdad will give you a more jaundiced view.

Brack said...

T, I was not previously aware that you and Chuck Norris were in China at the same time..

Tripp said...

The common folk of Xi'an bring it like Chuck Norris dreams about bringing it.