Monday, January 22, 2007

If the people stare, then the people stare

There are those who think that the quintessential Smiths song is "How Soon is Now?" Those people are wrong. The song that best defines the Smiths is clearly These Things Take Time. You get the whole Smiths package in that one. Alienation, clubby exclusion from broader society, horror/fascination with sex, celibate agony and, of course, self-loathing. It also has many of the best lyrics. "I'm the most inept that ever stepped" is a classic, as is the "you said I was ill and you were not wrong."

The version in the video is from Hatful of Hollow. You might look at the track list and say "I have all these songs already." Hold back that thought. Many of the tracks are from BBC radio shows and are new takes on your faves. The version of Still Ill for example is easily the best you can find. So it is for fans, but only fans will think of it anyway.

On the subject of bands with obsessive fans, take a look at these two live Silver Jews tracks from Asheville, NC. Here is How to Rent a Room, one of the best ever songs about suicide. And here is Buckingham Rabbit. Unlike most of the live videos on YouTube, these are clear and easy to understand, as it does not appear to have been shot on a cell phone.


Brack said...

For Best Suicide Song Evar, I have to go with Amplifier by the dB's.

Tripp said...

And one would be remiss for not mentioning GNR's Coma.

Tripp said...

And amplifier is awesome