Thursday, January 11, 2007

Late night items

Here are a couple of items from the Amazon blog.

Funnyman John Hodgman wrote a review for the new Neal Pollack. Oh, let this be a trend. His Washington Post chat from last year slayed me.

The same blog has a review roundup on Vikram Chanda's Sacred Games. There is too much dissension for me to commit to a 800 page novel. Of note is the fact that many of the review copies came in a slipcase with six volumes. The Amazon blogger asks if this would be a good publishing move. For me, no. For one, you would have to wait for the next mini-volume to emerge, which would drive me nuts. For another, you know the publisher will jack the prices so you end up spending fifty bones to get the whole book. Eff that noise.

And something not from the Amazon blog.

If you have somehow missed the Cadillac ad, I suggest you listen to this Teddybears track. It has guest vocals from Iggy Pop that are excellent.

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