Thursday, January 11, 2007

So sick

To call a candy disgusting is a strong statement. After all, most people will choke down any mainstream candy if they need a quick fix. Even the Take Five with its waxy "chocolate" isn't really disgusting, it's just bad. Candy Addict has a list of 10 candies that are actually disgusting, either by flavor or by the images they bring to mind. For example, how about a dippin stix type candy where the dip is sugar in a toilet while the stick is a lolly pop that looks like a plunger. I myself had the misfortune to try the Harry Potter themed Bertie Bott's Beans. Some of these are innocuous, but others are vile, including vomit, which tastes like vomit.

The number one choice (which you will have to click to see) is inspired. Not only is it conceptually highly nasty, but others will see you eating it, spreading the disgust.


Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY getting the scab candy for my nephew.

Tripp said...

That one is evil genius. Just don't give him the Bertie's Beans. So nasty.