Friday, May 12, 2006

Now I’m bored and old

I'm about halfway through Never Let Me Go, the most recent Kazuo Ishiguro book. My wife isn't a fan of his books, because as she puts it, they are stories about people who waste their lives. I'd put a little differently saying they are books about people in servitude, often to something they don't really understand. In Remains of the Day, a proper British butler loses a chance at love to serve a less than savory man. In When We Were Orphans, a man risks his life trying to understand his missing parents.

In this book, the main character is in permanent servitude. She and all her friends grew up in a school for organ donors. That is to say, these people were born to provide organs for others. Some serve as "Carers" for those who have donated a few too many and others just donate. I'm not revealing too much in saying this as it comes out rather soon. So far, it's quite good, I'm liking as much as those other two.

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