Monday, May 01, 2006

First you take the nuts and then you crush them

Cybele at Candyblog has a nearly exhaustive review of the Reese's line. She is spot on with the comments on the double chocolate Reese's. It is just a Reese's with less peanut butter flavor. My first exposure to the chocolate peanut butter combo was with High's Ice Cream chocolate peanut butter flavor known as Charlie Brown. While there are still High's stores, there is no more High's ice cream. How do I know? Because this guy has done some serious investigating.


Brack said...

Charlie Brown was lecker, as was the rainbow sherbet and Bubble Gum ice cream. Didn't Kollmansperger's dad own a bunch of High's franchises at one time?

There are a couple of places in Carytown here in Mecca that are pretty good, but I find myself drawn to Baskin-Robbins more often than not. About five years ago, Stanovich got some tangerine cranberry sherbet that was ausgefueckenzeichnet. I've been on the hunt for it ever since.


Tripp said...

BR is a tasty treat, and I like to see the monthly special although this is often the place for all kinds of ice cream trickery, not quite as bad as the hot dog ice cream available on Martha's Vineyard, but similar oddities.

Kollmansperger pere did in fact own some of those franchises which is how I first had it I think. I think they were wounded by the big yogurt push of the late 80s.

Steve said...

High's was also the home of the tasty sherbet freeze. I have lately become partial to Coldstone and its imitators (Maggie Moos is one of them), although my heart can only take the fat beatdown they bring every so often. There is another local group that produces Holy Grael sorbet and sells it at the farmers' market. The sorbet is fantastic but you have to run a gantlet of grail theory and conspiracy mongering from their wild-eyed salesman before purchasing. Definitely adds some shimmer.

Tripp said...

Speaking of the sherbet freeze, I am two persons removed from the owner of the High's ice cream IP, so I am going to try and get the freeze recipe.