Wednesday, May 17, 2006

It's the only thing that slowly stops the ache

OK kids, just so you don't think I have my tongue eight inches up the asses of the guys at Dogfish, I have to say I found Immort Ale to be NOT good at all. You might say that I should have been wary when the label said it had an "oak" flavor. If you ever hadve tried some Lagavulin and had that smack-in-the-face peat flavor, then you know what to expect in the Immort Ale. Yuck-tas-tic if you ask me, but then I like the clean flavor of the other Dogfish beers. I shoulda bought the Golden Shower.

Thank all the good in the world that I also purchased a bottle of Lagunitas Shut Down Ale, which meets the regular Lagunitas standards. The beer is fine, but the story is more interesting. Apparently, some folks were smoking the wacky tabacky at the brewery which led to a raid. As the label says "Whatever. We're Still Here."

Did you know that Kim Gordon once dated Danny Elfman? Yes, it is true, as I learned at Beulahland yesterday. It remains unknown whether he hung them from his car aerial (one zillion cool points to those who get this reference.)


Brack said...

her panties; after he went up to Milwaukee yo see an old friend of mine.

"Lisa Carver: There's a Rapeman song called "Kim Gordon's Panties."

Kim Gordon: Yeah, I guess there is. I never really listened to it. Big Black were playing in Amsterdam, it was their last tour, and we happened to be there. In the train stations they have machines where you can buy women's underwear. It was Steve's birthday, so I bought some to throw at him so he would feel like a rock god on his birthday. "

Tripp said...

One zillion cool points for Brack.

Brack said...

Half a zillion may get deducted because I just loaded "Forbidden Zone" by Misfits v.2 onto the iPod. Sounds like GWAR meets the Ramones.

Tripp said...

Misfits v.2? Oooo you have to do some penance for that one. Regaining cred will require unearthing at least three new bands we've never heard of.