Friday, May 29, 2009

You tell me you wanna be different

So I've only recently listened to the Modern Lovers, which I suspect makes me a bad indie listener. I found I prefer the Burning Sensations cover of Pablo Picasso (was never called an asshole) than the original Modern Lovers version. This may be due to the rule that whatever you hear first you prefer. Or maybe it is because the Repo Man soundtrack rules (who can forget Let's Have A War, Repo Man, TV Party, or the unbearable amazingness of Reel Ten (this was my 12 year old equivalent of drugs)).

All that said, the story of hippie Johnny and the ladies in I'm Straight is so fantastic that it makes listening to the Modern Lovers more than awesome. Now I understand from whence In My Eyes comes.

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Brack said...

T -

Many thanks for the ride on the wayback machine.

Repo Man soundtrack
Decline of Western Civilization I
Minor Threat/In My Eyes
London Calling
PiL's "CD" [then "Cassette"]

8th grade rawked.