Friday, May 01, 2009

Sci-fi books that I want to be movies

I hope the new Star Trek movie does well. For one, I love the franchise and hope it can be revived. I am going to start showing the movies to the kids and see what they think. For another, I want more science fiction movies made. There are so many great stories from which to choose and sci-if provides all the spectacle you could want. Here are the books I would most like to see on the big screen:

Blindsight by Peter Watts. This one has a great scale for the movies, with a strange crew going to the edge of the solar system to investigate a UFO. This one has bizarre characters, truly alien aliens, and a dark backstory that could be handled in 2 hours. This one would be a moody, character drama in the Solaris vein.

Liege-killer by Christopher Hinz. This unjustly forgotten action classic may have suffered from the Matrix effect. The follow on volumes are not as good, but technology has finally caught up with this one. The book is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where the remnants of humanity rebuild in orbital habitats. Into this fragile world, a forgotten weapon is released to terrible effect.

Sparrow - Maria Doria Russell. Here is one for the haters. Russell writes both science fiction and literary fiction, so this one is reflective piece about the relationship between religion and science, from a perspective sympathetic to both. This is a first contact story that focuses on the philosophical challenges and our inability to understand other cultures.

The Night's Dawn Trilogy - Peter Hamilton. OK, OK, this series is about a million pages long and has as many plots and sub-plots all the books published in the last month. That said, long books have condensed before and this story is awesome at the Star Wars level, except for the end, but then again the Star Wars end is pretty weak itself.


kwandongbrian said...

I have Blindsight on my computer to read ... sometime. It was a free download and I read the first few pages - I liked it but became busy or distracted by something else.

Tripp said...

It's a great read, although it could be hard on the PDF version. If you had a laptop and a really comfy chair maybe. I've yet to go beyond a short story on the computer.

Alan said...

I'd like to see I Am Legend as a movie. Not that travesty that Will Smith shat out and called a movie, but a proper adaptation of the actual story.

Tripp said...

Well they've had a few go's at it now, not sure it will ever be like the Matheson book at this point.