Saturday, May 16, 2009

Two videos one happy, one sad

I ran into these tonight. The first one is Weezer covering MGMT's Kids. Pretty fun, aside from the unfortunate "T-Mobile in the house!" shout out by Rivers Cuomo. It was a T-Mobile Party, but still.

Then we have the Road Trailer. Looks about as dark as the book. It looks like we get more of an idea of what happened to end the world. The action to lonely survival ratio looks different than the book, but that is probably part of a desire to excite the viewers.


Citizen Reader said...

No way am I going to be able to watch "The Road." I loved the book but just can't face it in full visual form. Even with Viggo Mortensen.

Adam said...

Thanks for posting "The Road" trailer. Hadn't seen that, and had been very curious how that book would translate. Looks more "Mad Max" than it read.

Tripp said...


It looks brutal doesn't it? There are some scenes from the book I would rather not see.


It does look more Mad Max. I hope this is selective editing for the trailer.