Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good or bad?

Hmmm, the trailer for Pandorum looks like the kind of thing I would like. Ship lost in space, terrible things afoot. It also looks like Event Horizon, the worst film of all time. Watch and decide.


Brack said...

Hmm. The original Alien is one of my all time faves - more suspense than Grand Guignolian SFX. I hope this movie heads in that direction instead of Event Horizon, which was basically Hellraiser. . . . but in SPAAAAAACE! Or was was that Hellraiser V, Bloodlines?

Re: L. Fishburne, loved him (and Jeff Goldblum) in Deep Cover. Badazz.

Tripp said...

Agreed on Deep Cover, awesome.

The "best" moment in Event Horizon is where the Captain speaks in Latin while holding his eyeballs in his hand.