Sunday, May 03, 2009

An exciting milestone in my NPR life

This weekend, for the first time ever to my knowledge, I ate at a restaurant discussed (gushed?) by the Sterns on The Splendid Table. The place was Norma's Ocean Diner in Seaside, OR, a town not known for its food, but then again those are the places the Sterns like best. The restaurant prides itself on its clam chowder (which I didn't have) and its fish and chips, which I did. In addition to the traditional cod, they offer albacore, halibut and salmon fish and chips. I had the salmon and it was quite tasty. The strong flavor of the salmon stands up well to the beer batter, which is pleasingly dry.

You can listen to the Sterns talk Norma's here. Whenever I hear the show, I want to go to the restaurants, so I am so happy that it finally happened. I almost went with the petrale sole. Listening to the radio spot, I wish I had. Next time I suppose.

It was a lovely food weekend as the BBQ place I thought had closed was in fact open and my favorite baked good provider was open as well.

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