Friday, August 03, 2007

He's the one that likes all our pretty songs

Pitchfork reports that the people who brought you "Now that's what I call music!" are releasing a "Now that's what I call Indie Rock!" compilation. I never used to think much of these, as they looked like the K-tel records of our generation, but a music merchandiser at a former employer told me these are huge sellers. I'm all for the indie folks getting more play, but I can just see the bitter indie fan being angry that those people are digging their faves.

Netflix queue getting a tad low? Use the IFC/ top 50 sex scenes of film to help you fill it up.

Alternate history writer Robert Conroy has a new book called 1945, which features an invasion of Japan in 1945. This one is a little different as it assume the atomic bombings occur, but a coup prevents Hirohito from surrendering. And wow, here is another new one on a similar subject. An out of print book that I quite enjoyed is The Burning Mountain, which assumes an accident derails the Trinity Test so the planned invasion of Japan goes forward.

Few reviewers get me excited for a read like Jonathan Yardley. Here is on The Unnatural History of the Sea, yet another in the how-we-are-effing-up-the planet series of books.

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