Sunday, August 12, 2007

Air Show fun

The Oregon Air Show was even better than last year, based on child and parent entertainment units. The Blue Angels were truly amazing, but they were also truly loud. Next year I am bringing ear plugs for the kids. It's best they went on last, as the drama and skills were so impressive, it would have overshadowed the other impressive performers. Among those, I thought a foursome called the Collaborators were particularly fun to watch.

There were aircraft aplenty to watch, both on and off the ground. My daughter had the most fun climbing into P-3 and Super Stallion cockpits. The P-3 is an example of investment priority as in anti-submarine is last in line. The P-3, which is one of the standard USN anti-submarine platforms is decades old and it certainly feels like a Cold War aircraft. I can't imagine what the maintenance time is like.

A pair of Mig-17s flew and I greatly enjoyed seeing these Soviet airframes. The oddest plane was the Red Bull Mig 17, which you can see in this video. The Red bit is cheeky, and it would gall the old the Marxist Leninists to see one of their planes as an advertisement platform.

There was also an unadvertised Stealth Fighter fly-by. What a strange looking plane. Apparently it is not long for active service. Soon you will probably be able to see it at Davis Monthan.

It wasn't all planes though. The moon bounces and kids slide were $6 for an all day pass, which was an excellent bargain, considering we were at the show for six hours. I was a little worried after last year's plane crash that the show might be endangered. With the high turnout, it looks like it will be around for awhile.

If your air show thirst is unslaked, or if older planes are your bag, then mark your calendars for Sept 7-9 and pencil in Hood River. A new museum, The Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum is hosting a fly in, which will include a Jenny. Seeing one of those in flight is a rare treat.

Even sooner is the Central Oregon Air Show in Madras, which is August 24th and 25th. While in Madras, seek out the Original Burger Works. Excellent burgers and great shakes.

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