Monday, September 28, 2009

Should I read The Blade Itself?

I had heard all manner of praise for the fantasy novels of Joe Abercrombie, so I wishlisted and eventually received the Blade Itself. So far (page 40 or so), it feels pretty so-so. I am thinking of switching to the Name of the Wind. Good call or no?


Anonymous said...

I haven't read either, but I will say that my hook for fantasy and science fiction is much quicker than it is for "literary" fiction or history. I'm on page 150 of Nixonland right now and reslly struggling with the James-Ellroy-writes-history style (which is great for a chapter but seems to lose substance as you go along), but will probably stick with it. I would never get 150 pages into a fantasy novel that wasn't doing it for me. Steve

Tripp said...

Nice comment on the Ellroy writes history. I adored Nixonland and think you should press on with it. I think you will be happy doing it.

I am planning to hold on to this one and try again soon, some of the reviews I have read say, essentially, yes the writing is not great, but the story is, so suck it up.

Tripp said...

This one being the Abercrombie book.