Tuesday, September 01, 2009

A few links for your morning

Here is Alan Jacobs writing on Michael Chabon in an essay called Jews with Swords. It is about Chabon's journey as a writer: "Chabon insists that he doesn't repudiate any of that work. He just wants to contend that it is perfectly reasonable for him to do what he did in writing Gentlemen of the Road: take off "in search of a little adventure."

The Musical Pairings blog has a pile of Spoon live covers for your enjoyment. The cover of Panic is one of the finest Smiths covers I have yet heard. It captures the wild exuberance of a band that many tend to think of in morose terms. There is also a cover of one of my fave Springsteen songs, namely I'm Going Down.

Pitchfork has a list, with videos, of the top music videos of the decade.

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