Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Books for your wishlist

An article in the Wall Street Journal recently listed major book releases for the fall. The Dan Brown book will drown nearly everything else, (613 holds at Multnomah County Library!) but there are plenty of other exciting books to be found. There is a new post-apocalyptic book by Margaret Atwood called the Year of the Flood. This is great news as her Oryx and Crake remains one of my fave post-apoc novels of all time.

Kazuo Ishiguro has a book of short stories/novellas called Nocturnes coming out. The connection between the five stories is music. His mastery of the understated study of emotion should be interesting in short story form.

Jonathan Lethem's newest is longer and larger in scope than his last book. This one is called Chronic City. Chronic does appear to be used as Dr. Dre used it, but I imagine it has other meanings as well.

John Irving has another one too. Ho hum.

On the nonfiction side, John Krakauer has a new one called Where Men Win Glory, about Pat Tillman, the football star turned Army soldier. There are few nonfiction writers that can enthrall like Krakauer.

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