Saturday, September 26, 2009

Arena shows

I went to see the Killers last night at the Memorial Colosseum, the smaller of the two arena venues here in Portland. I'd last seen them at the Roseland, a smallish club, so I was worried the arena show would suffer by comparison. While the event lost the excitement created by the proximity, aural overload and close crowds of a club show, it was still quite fun and they spent a buck or two on pyrotechnics and visuals. They also played EVERY song I wanted to hear, so of course I was psyched about that.

The bummer is that I had to hang in the seats, which always suck. If you sit, you look like spoilsport dork and if you stand you are in an awkward position where you can't really dance and where you feel unnaturally close to your neighbors. Next time buy tickets early enough to get on the floor.

The band (judging by the choice to end the show with it) and the crowd (judging by the excitement) agree with me that their finest song is When You Were Young.

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