Tuesday, September 29, 2009


For the first time in, well more than I recall, I am re-reading a book. Sure I re-read plenty in school (thanks to the Jesuits, I have read Plato's Republic far more times than I would have liked), but I almost never re-read for pleasure. There are just too many good books to read to justify going back to spend time on a book I have already read. Amazingly, I justify keeping so many books, because I say I want to re-read or at least refer to them.

I am though re-reading Dan Simmon's Summer of Night, thanks to a chance conversation about the book A Winter Haunting. I had read Summer years ago and when I later read Winter, I had somehow missed that it was a sequel. Someone reminded me of it and told me it was better to read them closely. So I picked up copies of both and decided to try again.

So far I am ashamed to say that I am recalling each page, but I can't remember what is coming. Either that means the book is forgettable or I am getting forgetful. Neither is an attractive option.

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