Monday, April 27, 2009

Its a place to live your life

We went to see the new Disney documentary Earth this weekend. My wife and I debated whether it was really the BBC show Planet Earth cut into movie format. She thought it was, and I thought that was crazy! Well it was. The main addition is James Earl Jones on the voice over and the Year in the Life Of Earth theme.

It was nice seeing the footage on the big screen, so if you like the show or haven't seen it, it is certainly worth watching. The only thing that annoyed me was the occasional lapse into the old Disney True Life Adventure anthropomorphizing style in the narration. For the most part, it maintained the tone on the TV show, but it occasionally lapsed into a goofy element, with Jones talking in a sing songy voice about the little critters. It wasn't often but it seemed a bit odd. On the bonus side there is some nice making of footage in the credits that is worth a watch.

My question is whether the next Disney nature documentary titled Oceans is Blue Planet recut.

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