Monday, April 20, 2009

A few comments on my current reads

Every few weeks I realize I have too many books checked out from the library. I say too many because they are holding me back from reading books I own or recently bought, but more importantly because many of them are due back at the same time. So, I picked one of them up thinking that I would skim a bit and return it to the library. Daniel Bergner's The Other Side of Desire, an exploration of outre sexuality and what it means to live with desires that society finds bizarre or even repugnant was just sitting there and nearly got the axe. For some reason I thought it would be dry (who knows why), but instead I found a sympathetic account of a shoe fetishist that has an attempt to capture his sexual worldview, (skip to the next para if you have a deliciate sensibility) a description that ended with the neologism "footcunt." Goodness gracious me, I can't possibly put it down now.

My sci-fi read is the out of print Matter for Men. I know sci-fi tends to attract the boys, but could he have picked a less obvious title? Anyway, the set-up is great, Earth is devastated by a series of plagues and horrible, nasty worms from space have come to gobble up the remaining populace. So far I quite like it, despite a clear lift from Starship Troopers's wise veteran schooling the callow youth scene. The major downside is that this is an incomplete series that may never be completed.


christina said...

I always do that. I get books from the library and read them *even* though I have tons to read at home. Then I feel guilty. It's a vicious cycle.

Tripp said...

It is a constant problem for me as well. It would be fine if I didn't keep buying books.