Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Hooray for Canada

Oh happy day! Metric is coming to Portland on June 5th! KNRK is giving the original and acoustic versions of Help I'm Alive a fair amount of airplay which I suppose means I should buy my ticket early. Here is the video for the new song "Gimme Sympathy." The apparent Stones reference is born out in the lyrics:

Thinking about Metric, I realize that most of my favorite music of late has come from Canada. Here are some examples:

The New Pornographers - Spanish Techno. Maybe my favorite song of the century, definitely my favorite video of the century.

Broken Social Scene - Almost Crimes. Nice showcase of Leslie Feist on this one.

Wolf Parade - An Animal in Your Care. I'm still mad I didn't go see these guys the last time they came to town.


Jennifer said...

I'm so bummed; Metric will be playing in Seattle too however it's on the same day that Neko Case is playing at the Paramount.

Tripp said...

That is a terrible choice. Since Neko Case is local, do you have a better shot of seeing her again on some other date?

Can you call the venues and check start times? Maybe a speedy car ride might allow you to see both

Jennifer said...

I've already bought tickets to Neko & she's playing right next door to my apartment (not that the Showbox where Metric is playing is particularly far--only a few blocks). Maybe I'll try to catch a train to PDX for the Friday Metric show.

Tripp said...

That would definitely show your commitment to the show. I am going to need to find a late night baby sitter if I am going.