Thursday, November 13, 2008

San Diego

So we are back from San Diego, which I recommend to all people who live in cold, rainy places like Portland. I don't recommend returning to the rainiest day of the year. While there we visited Legoland, which is one of the best places for kids 5-9 I have ever seen. Seaworld was a bit much on the other hand. Fun, but it is hard to do two amusement parks in a row. One of our favorite places is the stunning Torrey Pine Reserve, located just north of La Jolla. Despite its proxmity to a busy road, it is feels like a remote National Park. Definately visit if you are in town.

While there I finally tryed Woodford Reserve Bourbon, which seems to be making a splash in whiskey drinking circles. It still has a way to go though. As of this moment, Woodford Reserve has 968 fans on Facebook compared to Maker's Mark which has 3,177. I liked the drink (or two) I had. The flavor lay between the smoothness of Maker's and the harsh power of Knob Creek. It's worth a try if you are looking for a new spirit.

NPR had a story today on the book Girl with a Dragon with Tattoo. The story was about the challenges of marketing a book by a dead guy from Sweden. Apparently the publisher did OK as it already on at least one bestseller. I noted the story because I saw a few people with the book around the hotel pool!

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