Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A few things

Enjoy the eating on Thanksgiving...and these links.

What goes better with big piles of food than the biggest beers in the US? The New Yorker has a lengthy piece on Dog Fish Head Brewing. Makes me want to drink a 90 Minute IPA, or maybe a Palo Santo or maybe a Raison D'etre...

Peter Suderman's concerns about JJ Abrams and Star Trek concern me now.

The New York Times has its best books of the year. I've read all of three of their non-fiction picks, although some are on my wish list.

There is a new Thomas Pynchon on the way. I haven't read the last one, so I am not all that excited, but maybe you are.

Idolator has the top Christmas songs you will be hearing for the next few weeks. I am astounded that Christmas Shoes is not on the list. It hasn't been inflicted on me yet, but I will not escape its foul touch, of that I am sure.

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