Monday, November 24, 2008


Although it doesn't stand up to the incredibly funny (and vulgar) future SecState spoof, this use of Downfall for a real estate investor spoof is pretty hilarious. If you haven't seen Downfall, you really must.

Speaking of politically engaged films, I just finished the third season of Battlestar Galactica. I suspect that there is audience hungry for smart political TV that is skipping this show because it is scifi. BSG tackles fairly common issues like racism, but it also has intelligent looks at torture, the use of force, labor rights in a time of war, the legitimacy of suicide bombing and even a nod to Rwandas's Truth and Reconciliation efforts.

My only complaint with the show is that it, like Lost, has to fit the long 20 episode season of regular TV. It is hard to maintain a single major plotline over this length of time, so stand-alone (read: filler) episodes bulk up the season. If they could take the HBO approach and limit the show to 10 or 12 episodes per season, it would be far stronger and have an even better reputation.

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