Thursday, October 09, 2008


MGM is remaking Red Dawn, which is....strange. David Plotz talks about the movie here. If you recall, in the movie, the Soviets and their Latin American allies invade the US. Yes, very paranoid and crazy, but at least the US and USSR were on a conventional parity at the time. Who is anywhere near conventional parity with the US at this time? China (no) Russia, (no) any country you can name (no)? Strange.

Check out Kevin Phillips, William Greider, Stephen Moore and John Makin (nice balance there) talk about the future of American capitalism on Diane Rehm.

I am reading Ron Suskind's new book, the Way of the World. If you are looking for more things to worry about, this is your book.

I love a good dis, especially directed at someone I dislike. Like say Naomi Klein. Peter Suderman nicely skewers her here.

Earlier this week, I was hating on the movie Less Than Zero. On the very much plus side, it did include Going Back to Cali on the soundtrack.

And in the spirit of yesterday's blog post, here is the Fear segment from Decline of Western Civilization (doubly apropos). It contains the classic hate-filled banter of the day.

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