Thursday, October 30, 2008

Video goodies

About four years after YouTube became the source of all videos ever, MTV has come out with a music video site of their own. It is a mix of music vids and music related content. It appears to still be getting off the ground. There is but one Adam Ant video, but thank goodness it is Stand and Deliver. I personally would want to see lots of hard to find videos and there are some. The REM content for example is great. Take a look at this live version of Cuyahoga, the video for Electrolite, and their goofiest video, Can't Get There From Here. A sad note about that song. The "lawyer Jeff" refers to Jefferson Holt, their manager who was eventually dismissed for (it is rumored) sexual harrasment. They also changed the lyrics to Little America which referenced him. So sad.

This is also fun, MTV visits the Portland music scene.

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