Monday, October 27, 2008


I was in Bend/Redmond this weekend and saw that one of the downtown bookstores had closed. They have moved to being a virtual business, which probably makes a lot more financial sense, but it is less fun to wander Bend's downtown now.

Barnes and Noble's Five Book feature is on Ghost Stories. One of them is Susan Hill's Woman in Black which I have been itching to read for a while now. It is considered a Young Adult book, but that shouldn't stop you.

Many kids have dinosaur phases and construction equipment phases. I went through a cruise ship phase. I was fascinated by the golden age of liners. I suspect part of this was the ghostly presence of the SS United States in my hometown (now in Philadelphia). In any case, I was a trifle sad to see the final American voyage of the QE2, which I used to think was so cool looking. The WSJ has a nice video story on the departure. Take a look at this picture of the QE1, which burned and partially sank in the Hong Kong harbor.

Shelob strikes!

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