Monday, October 20, 2008


Chuck E Cheese is one of the great banes of existence for parents of preschoolers. Thiskiddie Vegas serves up bad food, flashing lights, incessant noises and a thirst for the little tickets. The games of skill and provide tickets which allow your kids to collect plastic crap that you will end up digging out from under the car seats and couch. The kids love it, so you have to go, of course.

Visiting a weekend birthday party at a local C E Chesse, I was surprised to hear Turning Japanese on the stereo. When I looked at the video screen it was actually a parody called Turning Chuck E Cheese. Although the band denies it, Turning Japanese is widely held to be a song about masturbation. Given that most of the parents in that room are of the right age to remember the song, many are likely to know the rumors as well. These are not the sorts of images one wants at a kid's party.

You can kinda sorta hear the song here. It is recorded on a camcorder with the ever-present background noise.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god, what are the chances? I was at a Chuck E. Cheese last weekend for my nephew's birthday! I can't say I noticed the music, though...I wasn't feeling well and was just busy trying to tune everything out!

Tripp said...

In the past I have gone with 2 kids which is never wracking. Now my younger kids (twins) are in different classes, so I had only one to chase around.

Tuning out is essential as the lights and noises will make you crazy.