Thursday, October 02, 2008


Sometimes two flavors of nerdom is better than one. Check out this article which debates the naval tactics of various science fiction films. Short answer Star Wars and BSG=World War 2, Star Trek= World War One.

Cambridge's Harvard Bookstore has changed hands. It's a great store, but what I remember most about it is that I put my business card into one of those drawing bowls there and actually won. Free books is about as good as it gets. Also they are neighbors with a branch of the unbelievably good Toscanini's ice cream. Visiting the site, I see that Gus, the owner, has a short Amazon book about the ice cream world. About ten years ago, I took a Chinese class with Gus and he brought a bunch of ice cream after class once. That was awesome.

Here is your gloomy blogpost for the day. I suppose we should all be reading up on Weimar. . .

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