Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New iteration of a great book blog

Nonfiction Readers Anonymous is dead, long live the Citizen Reader. Nonanon was a great blog that covered only nonfiction, from a reader/librarian's perspective. The new site already brings the same goodness, but now with fiction! Add it to your RSS today.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, Tripp! And you'll find CitizenReader is in pretty rough-draft format, still, but I've taken care to get the link to Books Are My Only Friends operational! First things first, after all.

On a purely technical note, could you tell me if you were able to add/access my feed? I know that was one of the problems at Nonanon and I'd like to make sure it's working on CR before I proceed...thanks so much, as always.

Tripp said...

Yep, the feed is fully operational and working over. Thanks for the link!