Sunday, May 04, 2008

Linky links

This is fun. SF Signal asked a number of scifi/fantasy authors which genre books had the best and worst endings. I have to go with Player of Games by Iain M Banks for best and Naked God by Peter Hamilton as the worst. It is still one of the finest space operas of all time, but that ending...sheesh.

The Guardian UK asks "Why are all the good historians right wing?" The focus of the article is the excellent (and to some) infuriating Niall Ferguson. His War of the World is sitting with a number of equally tantalizing histories on one of my shelves. He returns to his roots as an economic historian with his upcoming Rise of Money.

Do you enjoy disturbing videos? Well here is one, a particularly nasty scene from a Japanese horror movie. It is not safe for sanity.

Here horror novelist Joe Schreiber reflects on True Romance. If you haven't read his Eat the Dark, then by all means do so.

Tyler Cowen points to an interesting book on museums.

The Edgar winners have been announced. It went to John Hart's Down River. I find the Edgar to be a reliable award (although I really didn't like Jan Burke's Bones) and the book is set in North Carolina, a state to which I am partial.

Check this lengthy, hilarious review of one of John Ringo's books. I had thought the men's adventure genre had died a deserved death.

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