Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A bit of this and that

This video is crude, vulgar and will probably offend people, but man, is it funny. Especially if you have already seen Downfall.

KNRK is playing this bit of pop pleasure, by the band Carolina Liar. It has that infectioness that will lead me to listen to it fifty times in next five days, after which I will put it aside. It will be fun while it lasts though.

Here is an interesting blog post that debates the pros and cons of African American Book sections at the bookstore. Borders seems to shelve black authors in this section. I went there looking for Edward Jones's Lost in the City (probably my favorite short story collection) and probably wouldn't have found it without the computer guide.

Check out Citizen Reader hating on the Randy Pausch book. As her commenters note, the book does smell of Albom.

The new Scott McClellan (if you have forgotten, a Bush White House Press Secretary) has a dishy memoir coming out. The Politico has a preview of the nastiness.

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