Friday, June 27, 2008

Visiting Canada

I recently was in Canada for work and, as is my habit, I sought out books and candy. Sadly I had little success on either front (although it's not your fault Canada.)

On the candy front, most of the more regional candies like Coffee Crisp are already available in the US. Apparently this is big news to many, as it there was a petition going. On the plus side there was lots of good Cadbury action that we don't get that easily including the peanut butter caramel Wunderbar. My big failure was in seeing but not purchasing the bluntly named Eat More, a candy bar that proves the US is not alone in gluttony. Cybele at Candy Blog says it is OK.

On the book front, I kept looking for Toll the Hounds, a book by Canadian author Steven Erikson. The difficulty in finding it was probably related to the fact that it won't be published until next week. Whenever I visit out of the way used bookstores with low turnover I wish that I kept a list of authors of hard to find books. All sorts of treasures lurk in these places but I have to recall all the books, and in my dotage I have forgotten much. I did find the Drowning Towers by George Turner. This is a dark tale of 21st century Australia sinking into a Malthusian and rising ocean nightmare.


Citizen Reader said...

I [heart] Canada. If I can ever get myself to leave my family (my extended family--I guess I could take the Mister and the cat with me) I'm going to move there, pronto.

Tripp said...

I quite like Vancouver, but I also quite dislike cold, which makes Canada tough for me.

Another issue is book prices. SWEET JAYSIS they are high. Trade paperback novels at $26! Crazy.

Citizen Reader said...

Mmmm..cold...if I could live in a big city with good public transportation (both Toronto and Montreal come to mind) I would ditch my car pronto so I wouldn't have to drive in snow and just enjoy the cold! A girl can dream, can't she? Alas, here I am, stuck in the Midwest, which can also get cold and where you can't get anywhere without your car to save your life.

I've heard that about the book prices. Sad. Is their dollar still stronger than the US one as well?

Tripp said...

They look nearly equal over on the Exchange Rate page. So it could be worse I suppose.

Cold+no mass transit is a bummer. My fave commute mode is cycling. It's like all the work flows off of you as you ride home. Snow goes poorly with it, but so does rain and Portland has plenty of rain.