Monday, June 16, 2008


Bookstorm reminds me that today is Bloomsday, a celebration of James Joyce and his book Ulysses. I was actually in Dublin for Bloomsday 92, but celebrated the liquid rather than the literary treasures of Ireland. I don't know if it is worse or better that I was reading the book at the time. Despite spending much time and treasure on books and reading, I haven't done much in terms of actually celebrating them. I did consider signing one of my kids up for Middle Earth camp, but since he hasn't read the books yet, I didn't do it.


Brandon said...

I envy you--I want to celebrate Bloomsday in Ireland sometime. This is the first time I've cared about Bloomsday, because I only read Ulysses last year. But today, I've just been drinking Guinness and re-reading parts of Ulysses. :)

Tripp said...

Then you are celebrating the holiday at least, which is something! I'm not sure you should envy me, I think we ended up running around Howth, and then drinking lots of Guinness and Jameson's. Silly youth.