Monday, June 09, 2008

State of Play

One of next year's big political movies is State of Play, which starts off with a pair on seemingly unrelated deaths that begin to undermine a rising politician's career. Rather than wait for the two hour version, I suggest you invest six hours in the original BBC miniseries.

One of my major worries about the film is that it will by necessity remove a number of characters, plot turns, and developments that make the miniseries so much. With the series you get backroom political deals, fascinating shows of the media at work uncovering stories and people sleeping together that shouldn't. Watch it on DVD before the movie reviews spoil it for you.


cg said...

Catching up on the blog after my trip away and love the recent posts. And I completely agree about State of Play - the BBC series is so fantastic. I'm very worried about Hollywood destroying it, but on the plus side, Jason Bateman is in it so we have that. (Wonder what role he'll play? Rakish/funny son of the newspaper editor who was played by James McAvoy in BBC version?)

Tripp said...

He would have been good as the McAvoy character but he is playing Dominic Foy, the playboy who is friends with the dead girl. I don't see it really but there you go.